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Equiduct Reports Record Trading Volumes and Market Share

17 April 2020

17 April 2020 - Equiduct reports record monthly and quarterly turnover and market share


Equiduct Reports Record Trading Volumes and Market Share

Equiduct, the pan-European venue of choice for retail trading, today reported record turnover of €9.8Bn for the month of March 2020, an increase of 203% in comparison to March 2019. This strong finish to the first quarter saw new quarterly records set for the platform with a total turnover of €20.1bn, representing a 109% increase compared to Q1 2019 with a 68.5% increase in market share.


On March 25th, a new record for turnover in a single day was set, with more than €681M traded on the platform. On the same day Equiduct achieved a market share of 1.2% and moved ahead of several major European primary markets in terms of traded volume.


Dave Murphy, CEO of Equiduct said, “The first priority in these turbulent times, is the health and safety of all people in society. It is crucial as an exchange during times of high volatility and uncertainty to maintain orderly markets. I am very proud of the Equiduct team who ensured, and continue to deliver, smooth and seamless operations. Equiduct provided best execution and the deepest pool of liquidity throughout volatile conditions, at a time when retail clients needed it the most to transfer risks with as little impact as possible.”


Wail Azizi, Head of Business Development at Equiduct said, “We can observe a shift of trading activity to  multilateral regulated markets such as Equiduct which provide greater depth of liquidity in a more robust environment. The increased participation of retail has led to record volumes and more importantly to record market share. We are pleased with the versatility and resilience of our best execution service Apex, which has guaranteed best execution and delivered retail clients €1.5 million in price improvement during Q1 2020 while charging zero trading fees to retail brokers.”

About Equiduct 

Equiduct is a market segment of Börse Berlin, a regulated market operator under article 44 of MiFID II. Equiduct offers best execution services for retail investors and institutional clients thanks to its pan-European VBBO trading liquidity schemes. With more than 30 active participants, Equiduct offers cost-effective best-execution services on European stocks from the UK, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, and Nordic markets.

Börse Berlin is regulated by the Competent Authority Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe – Börsenaufsichtsbehörde and participation in trading is governed by German and European law.


About Apex 

Apex is Equiduct’s zero fee Best Execution service for retail brokers. Apex allows retail orders to execute against the pan-European consolidated order book and is supported by a pool of competing Liquidity Providers and active brokers.

The service guarantees Best Execution by automatically calculating the best possible price (the VBBO) for each order at the instant at which a trade occurs.

Apex covers the most liquid and fragmented equities and ETFs from the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

A full list of tradeable instruments can be found in the resources section at


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