What is Apex?

A pan-European Best Execution service on the lit Börse Berlin. It’s a trading venue with a big difference. It offers brokers access to the equivalent of a smart order router providing a pan-European Best Execution service, without the technology and execution fees, and with zero commission fees.

Yes, zero commissions!

Through a single connection, Apex provides brokers with access to Best Execution across all the major European lit trading venues, including Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, London, Madrid, Frankfurt, Brussels and Lisbon. We cover the most liquid equities and ETFs across these markets, providing access to around 1,600 securities.

Broker benefits:

Best execution

Best Execution

Access to evidenced Best Execution at the VBBO, using our proprietary technology with free daily reports

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Apex members pay no execution fees and can benefit from lower clearing costs - with only low connectivity costs and also a competitive membership fee.

Increased liquidity

Increased Iiquidity

Through our unique trading model and relationship with market makers

Better service

Better service

Got a question? Our expert client team is always on hand to answer questions and solve problems as quickly as possible.

Key Apex features

Limit Order Protection

Limit Order Protection

When we say we deliver Best Execution, we truly mean it. Limit Order Protection (LOP) enhances the speed and likelihood of execution for resting orders. Where a trade occurs on the primary market at a price better than the resting order’s limit, Equiduct automatically generates an Liquidity Provider order to execute the volume traded on the primary market. LOP trades are allocated on the basis of price/time priority. We are the only exchange that has mechanisms in place that enhance execution quality

EBBO Booster

Apex Retry

Another way that Equiduct ensures Apex provides Best Execution to resting orders is through the Apex Retry: When an order becomes marketable against the EBBO an automatic trade is initiated against the pool of Liquidity Providers. Another unique feature only available through Equiduct.

Feature #3

Opening and Closing Cross

Equiduct operates an opening and closing cross that facilitates trading at the same opening/closing price as that generated by the primary market.

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