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Connecting to our exchange

At Equiduct, we want to give our members access to our Best Execution services in a way that works for them, so we have four main connection options to choose from.

Your options include:

Centre cross-connect

Data centre cross-connect

Members who already have (or would like to order) space in the data centre can cross-connect to Equiduct directly.

Managed Lease Line

Managed leased line

Members who don’t have a space on the data centre can order a managed ethernet line to connect to Equiduct. With this option, the telco will be responsible to order the cross-connect from their demarcation point to Equiduct’s demarcation point.


Connection via an extranet provider

Members can connect using an extranet provider to create a high-speed link to our technology. We work with major extranet providers, such as Pico Global, Colt PrizmNet, BT Radianz, ICE Global Network, Verizon, IPC and Transact Network Services.



Members can also use an Internet VPN connection for development and testing only.

Alternatively, members can connect directly to Equiduct using industry-standard FIX 4.4

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Find out more information about how to connect to Equiduct:

Clearing and Settlement

Equiduct provides a simple, comprehensive and flexible post-trade solution.

Equiduct offers trading in equities and ETFs across 11 European markets and provides participants interoperability, giving a choice of CCP. Members can also specify which clearing house is to be used for specific markets as well as a preferred clearing model for flexible interoperable clearing.
In addition, members also have the ability to self-clear and internalise trades.


Equiduct clearing set-up

The below table outlines Equiduct’s clearing model by market and CCP.

Market  LCH SA LCH LTD SIX x-clear EuroCCP
Amsterdam ü üp üp üp
Brussels ü üp üp üp
Paris ü üp üp üp
Lisbon   üp üp üp
London - üi üi üi
Madrid - üi - üi
Milan - üi üi üi
Xetra - üi üi üi
Copenhagen - üi üi üi
Helsinki - üi üi üi
Stockholm - üi üi üi

p indicates preferred clearing model, i indicates interoperable clearing

Equiduct works with the following General Clearing Members (GCM):

ABN AMRO Clearing
BNP Paribas Securities Services
BofA Securities
Societe Generale Securities Services
Goldman Sachs

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