How it works

We’re redefining what it means to be a pan-European exchange

How it works

Our technology provides Best Execution for retail brokers: identifying the best possible price for orders the instant an order is received.

Apex is fully pre- and post-trade transparent, and participating brokers will receive daily execution quality reports which provide evidence of Best Execution for each trade, allowing peace of mind for both brokers and their clients.

16 exchanges, 1 connection

We calculate Best Execution for orders using a virtual consolidated order book. Our figures are based on price and volume data seen on the major European Primary and Secondary lit markets, combined with our own Central Limit Order Book. This unique calculation gives Apex members access to Europe-wide liquidity, using a single exchange connection.

Liquidity Providers

In a traditional central order book model, liquidity providers set the prices they will buy and sell stocks for. At Equiduct, we do things a little bit differently: we set trade prices based on the best prices available across Europe, our Liquidity Providers are required to take the other side of these trades, thus delivering Best Execution for brokers using Apex.

Because Equiduct sets the trade price, Liquidity Providers compete on a size/time priority model. The allocation methodology ensures rotation amongst LPs provided they offer large enough sizes.

So how does it work?

Let's take as an example an incoming Sell Market Order for 900 shares of Vallourec:

How does Apex work?


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We do things differently at Equiduct.
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