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The team that makes it all happen

The team

At Equiduct, we’re client-centric and dedicated to developing solutions for the issues that our members face. Our people are passionate about what they do and are working together to change the trading industry for the better. Here are a few of the team that makes the magic happen! Why not say hello?

David Murphy, CEO of Equiduct

David Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Stupple, CTO of Equiduct

Matt Stupple

Chief Technology Officer

Wail Azizi, Managing Director & Global Head of Growth at Equiduct

Wail Azizi

Chief Strategy Officer

Head of Finance

Ghassan Hoteit

Head of Finance

Kate Emmerson, Head of Human Resources at Equiduct

Kate Emmerson

Head of Human Resources

Tiffany Souresrafil

Tiffany Souresrafil

Head of Business Development

Luis Velasco, Spain Country Head at Equiduct

Luis Velasco

Managing Director, Country Head, Spain

Massimo Formichi Moglia, Italy Country Head at Equiduct

Massimo Formichi Moglia

Country Head, Italy

Axel Josephson

Axel Josephson

Country Head, Sweden

Marketing Manager

Angie Labiaga

Marketing Manager

George Cox, Head of Market Operations at Equiduct

George Cox

Head of Market Operations

Corinne Aveyard, Team Lead at Equiduct

Corinne Aveyard

Head of Market Control

Carl Rogan, Market Control at Equiduct

Carl Rogan

Quantitative Analytics Manager

Vitor Sun, Market Control at Equiduct

Vitor Sun

Market Control Analyst

Daniel Gregory, Market Control Analyst at Equiduct

Daniel Gregory

Senior Market Control Analyst

Bradley Reuben

Bradley Reuben

Head of Strategic Projects


Mª Isabel Cebolla Álvarez

Market Data Manager

Daniele De Carolis, Head of IT Ops at Equiduct

Daniele De Carolis

Head of IT Ops

Keith Smith, UNIX Administrator at Equiduct

Keith Smith

UNIX Administrator

Chris Webster

Chris Webster

Application Support Engineer

Kieran Omelia, Network Administrator at Equiduct

Kieran Omelia

Network Administrator

Iain Wildman, Head of Development at Equiduct

Iain Wildman

Head of Development

Fernando Testa, Senior Software Developer at Equiduct

Fernando Testa

Senior Software Developer

Quality Assurance Lead

Anna Golubtsova

Quality Assurance Lead

Jordan Laing, Management Accountant at Equiduct

Jordan Laing

Management Accountant

Interested in joining our team?

We’re a team of passionate people, driven to create change for the better in European markets. Check out our current vacancies if this sounds like you.