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Our purpose: to lead positive change in pan-European trading

It’s time to challenge the status-quo

We believe that exchanges should do more to deliver benefits to retail investors. So we’re here to lead positive change in pan-European trading with our innovative trading ecosystem.

Our mission statement

To challenge the status quo and become the leading retail exchange for Europe, providing unparalleled liquidity and execution quality via industry-pioneering on-exchange trading solutions.

Our manifesto


We believe in positive disruption, because it’s time for trading to change.


We believe in retail investors and brokers, not execution fees.


We believe it should be easy to access Europe-wide liquidity.

Customer centric

We believe in listening to brokers and delivering what they need.

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We believe in providing the best results for investors, every time.

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We believe doing things a different way, a better way.

We're on your side

We help brokers achieve Best Execution in the most liquid and fragmented equities and exchange traded funds (ETFs) across Europe. We’re challenging the monopoly of historical markets by building growth and confidence in our market model to deliver free and better execution for end investors and brokers.

Our history

Equiduct was founded to help retail brokers overcome the challenges of the fragmentation created by the introduction of MiFID. Our aim has always been to deliver better value and execution quality for retail investors across Europe.

We’re redefining what it means to be a pan-European exchange bringing better execution and value to the retail investment community.

Our values


Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity

Reputation is key and how we behave is fundamental to who we are. We deliver on our promises and are accountable for our results.

Customer centricity

Customer centricity

We focus on the customer needs, providing innovative solutions that our clients can rely on.

Constant improvement

Constant improvement

We strive to be the best and set the standard. To stay ahead of the competition, what’s good enough today will not be good enough tomorrow.



We distil complexity into simple and clear messages, promoting understanding, teamwork and partnership.

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