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Equiduct launches zero fee trading with Apex

Apex is the first commission-free, on-exchange trading service for retail brokers.



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Best Execution Reports

The new searchable service to view and download Equiduct’s Best Execution Reports is now live.


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Equiduct and Infront partner to distribute market data

Equiduct and Infront announce partnership to distribute Equiduct’s Apex market data in the Nordics via the Infront Professional Terminal.


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Trading Services

Trading Model

Equiduct is a lit, pre and post-trade transparent regulated market giving access to true pan-European liquidity. Equiduct offers Best Execution services for both retail and institutional order flow.


Apex is Equiduct’s free, on-exchange, Best Execution service for retail order flow. Apex is available for the most liquid, fragmented equities and ETFs in Europe and guarantees a multilateral, MiFID II compliant trading environment.

Institutional SpotVBBO

Access pan-European liquidity and trade at the EBBO using Equiduct’s proprietary price discovery calculation. Equiduct’s SpotVBBO product provides institutional members access to this unique price formation, trading against the pan-European consolidated book.

Clearing and Settlement

Take advantage of a flexible post-trade structure aimed to deliver a cost effective and simple clearing and settlement solution.

About Equiduct


Equiduct is an innovative pan-European stock exchange dedicated to providing Best Execution to both retail and institutional clients. Our focus is to ensure that market participants are able to access the best prices available in Europe by utilising our proprietary price discovery calculation – the VBBO. Equiduct is client driven and strives to provide the best service for our members.

News & Notices

Market Notice 025/2020 : Annual Review of ADNT values and Tick Sizes

30th Mar 2020 14:52

Market Notice 024/2020 : Equiduct Universe Change

19th Mar 2020 15:51

Equiduct and Infront partner to distribute market data

19th Mar 2020 10:20

Market Notice 023/2020 : Equiduct Universe Changes

18th Mar 2020 17:46

Market Notice 022/2020 : Equiduct Universe Changes

17th Mar 2020 12:18

Market Notice 021/2020 : Equiduct Universe Changes

3rd Mar 2020 16:52

Market Notice 020/2020 : Equiduct Product License Agreement (EPLA)

2nd Mar 2020 19:05

Market Notice 019/2020 : Equiduct Universe Changes

2nd Mar 2020 12:00

Market Notice 018/2020 : Equiduct Production Environment Upgrade

2nd Mar 2020 12:00

Market Notice 017/2020 : Equiduct Universe Changes

28th Feb 2020 16:44

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