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Equiduct in Italia - January edition

Welcome to the first Equiduct in Italia newsletter

January 2022

We are excited to launch our Italian newsletter and share with you some of the key trading information for Equiduct in January 2022. As this is our first newsletter, we would like to first recap what great successes we have seen in 2021:

We opened a new office in Italy deepening our relationship with local market participants

We have become members of the Associazione Italiana Intermediari dei Mercati Finanziari (ASSOSIM) to actively participate with the local community

We have partnered with EliData S.p.A.the first Italian ISV certified to offer our Best Execution service via Apex

We launched a true solution to retail ETF access in Europe, with 321 ETFs available for Best Execution via Apex

We launched a new brand and website, which reflects our principles and mission

We have welcomed new clients over the year, both traditional and neo- brokers

Here’s a summary of what we have seen in Equiduct over the month of January 2022 and Q4 2021

We put people first

€467M ADV in Jan 2022

January’s ADV is already breaking Equiduct’s 2021 Q4 ADV records of over €340M

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Italian firms contribute 15% to our ADV

In January, Italian participants have generated €58M in ADV


+43% market share

Equiduct’s market share in Italy grew by 43% in 2021 vs 2020

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€77Bn turnover

In 2021, Equiduct traded over €77 billion in turnover

Equiduct's ADV progression overall and contribution from Italy

Equiduct ADV


Our top traded Italian stocks


Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.


Eni S.p.A.


Enel S.p.A.


UniCredit S.p.A.


Stellantis NV


Telecom Italia S.p.A.

Execution quality analysis of Italian instruments on Equiduct

Q4 2021 data, obtained and analysed by smart data and analytics company, big xyt, which is an independent and fully neutral market data analytics provider.

Price formation on Equiduct (for Italian instruments) uses liquidity available on Borsa Italiana, CBOE Europe, Turquoise Europe and Equiduct’s own CLOB.

As a result, execution prices on Equiduct will always be better or equal to those achievable on Borsa Italiana. The analysis below looks at the IT40 Index, 53 other equities and 248 exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Execution quality charts


Looking into the future

We have many new developments in our pipeline! We are looking forward to announcing soon 
further geographical expansion of our universe and new exciting ETFs.


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"We are delighted with the results achieved in 2021 as well as with the response we have received from Italian intermediaries regarding our initiatives in the local market and our innovative market model.

We are really proud to be able to serve this market, a global pioneer in retail trading, and to continue to find solutions to the challenges posed by the rapid evolution of the market and retail investors through our Apex service".

Massimo Formichi Moglia, Country Head - Italy