Institutional SpotVBBO

Institutional investors can access true pan-European, multi-venue liquidity by utilising Equiduct’s unique price formation executing trades at the EBBO.

The SpotVBBO service for institutional order flow uses Equiduct's proprietary VBBO price discovery. Equiduct create a virtual consolidated order book for the formation of the VBBO calculation using data from European Primary and Secondary markets, plus Equiduct’s own Central Limit Order Book.


SpotVBBO allows institutional investors to access this unique price formation to trade against the pan-European consolidated book using liquidity seen across multiple venues.


The SpotVBBO service enables institutional investors to trade on a lit, pre and post-trade transparent regulated market, with known counterparties, without having a direct impact on any of the venues that contribute to the VBBO price formation.


Key benefits include:

  • Access institutional liquidity and elect your counterparties.
  • Trade on a lit, regulated market.
  • Larger trade size - trade the total volume available at the EBBO or deeper across Europe's lit books in a single trade.
  • No automatic order book impact.
  • Execute orders against the pan-European consolidated order book.
  • Trade the most liquid equities and ETFs in Europe.