What is Market Data?

Market Data from Equiduct provides a pre-trade, real-time view of liquidity and post-trade  activity on Equiduct and across the whole of Europe.

Our VBBO and Market by Limit products/feeds were created to provide the required transparency for our Best Execution trading services. But once we made these feeds available, we discovered that many market participants saw value in a single product showing consolidated liquidity across multiple geographies. We are committed to provide these premium products at competitive prices, making them a real alternative to prohibitively expensive fees from incumbent exchanges. 

What more could you need?

There are three real-time Market Data feeds available:

Equiduct VBBO


  • Provides pre-trade transparency for Equiduct’s Best Execution services; Apex, and Zenith.
  • The feed is real-time
  • Based on the virtual consolidated order book.
  • Provides the best executable price (bid and offer) for up to four order sizes:
    • Retail Market Size (RMS) - Equal to €7,500
    • Standard Market Size (SMS) – based on annual AVT published by ESMA
    • Apex – The largest quantity being offered by Equiduct’s LPs in the retail Apex service per instrument
    • Zenith - The largest quantity being offered by Equiduct’s LPs in the Zenith service per instrument

Market by Limit

  • Provides pre-trade transparency for Equiduct’s Best Execution services: Apex and Zenith
  • A real-time market depth feed
  • Created from the consolidated pan-European order book
  • Shows the top the 10 price levels, with aggregated volume, across relevant European markets (pre-trade data)
  • Shows aggregated trades from the consolidated book (post-trade data)
Equiduct Market by Limit
Equiduct HybridBook


  • Real-time pre and post-trade data feed
  • Taken from Equiduct’s Central Limit Order Book
  • Contains pre-trade order-by-order data
  • Contains all post-trade information, including Apex and Zenith trades.

How to access our Market Data?

Our Market Data products are available either directly from Equiduct or from one of our Market Data Vendor partners, including:

ICE Data Services
Morningstar Realtime Data
BME Inntech
Activ Financial
FIS Global
SIX Financial Information
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