Our Mission

To solve the complex issues created by market fragmentation in Europe for retail brokers and to improve execution quality by developing Best Execution services on a regulated market.

About Equiduct

Equiduct is an innovative, client driven pan-European trading venue enabling retail brokers and institutional clients to achieve best execution in the most liquid and fragmented cash equities and ETFs. Focused on providing solutions for our members in the post MiFID environment, Equiduct has developed unique products designed to revolutionise retail trading which facilitate order execution against the pan-European consolidated order book. Equiduct provides true pan-European trading across 11 markets covering 16 European headline indices.



We are dedicated to helping our clients fulfil their Best Execution obligations using our innovative VBBO (Volume-weighted Best Bid and Offer) price determination. Developed in-house, Equiduct are the only European trading venue to give members the ability to execute orders against the major trading venues in Europe using only a single exchange connection. Equiduct’s PartnerEx was the first product offering bilateral trading for both retail and institutional order flow against the consolidated order book. Equiduct’s new product, Apex, has now replaced PartnerEx and provides multilateral trading against the consolidated order book generating VWAP executions, giving greater fill sizes and resulting in fewer trades being sent to clearing.


Equiduct’s innovative Best Execution products reduce execution costs, reduce post-trade costs by sending fewer trades to clearing and provides broker access to the best prices seen on the major primary and secondary markets in Europe.


What makes Equiduct unique?

  • Client centric – dedicated to developing solutions to the issues that our members face
  • In-house technology allows us to develop swift changes that enhance our member experience
  • Best Execution model that is supported by Liquidity Providers
  • Aggressive pricing model designed to save on execution costs
  • Access true pan-European liquidity using a connection to one exchange
  • VWAP executions that reduce the number of trades, giving greater fill sizes, using liquidity seen across major European venues
  • Reduction in post-trade costs
  • Interoperable and preferred clearing model


Equiduct is a Regulated Market

Equiduct is a market segment of Börse Berlin, a regulated market operator under article

44 of MiFID II and is supervised for fair and orderly trading by:

  • The Market Surveillance (Hüst)
  • The Exchange Supervisory Authority
  • The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority – BaFin