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Fee Structure


1. Order Charge


Opening &

Closing Cross

Continuous Trading All Trading Sessions
List 11 List 21 List 31 ETFs All Securities
  Fee/Order2 Fee Multiplier3
Fee based on
trade value
0.8 bps 0.16 bps 0.24 bps 0.4 bps 0.44 bps 0.4 bps

   Tranche I: 


   Tranche II: 


   Tranche III:


   Tranche A:


   Tranche B:


   Tranche C:


Cap - 10 € 10 € - - 3 €
Floor 1.25 € 0.80 € 0.95 € 1.20 € 0.60 € - 0.4 €

Overall Monthly Cap

- 0.52 bps 0.65 bps

<50M€: 2.8 bps

>50M€: 1.2 bps

- - -
  • No charge for trades executed in an auction.
  • Fees (including caps and floors) are applied per executed order, per phase, per day.
  • Where a single order executes in different trading phases then the respective fees apply separately.
   1 To view the list designation for Euronext instruments please see the Equiduct Instrument List.
   2 Fee/Order (yearly volume is calculated per calendar year from 1st January):
       - Tranche I: First 500,000 orders per year
       - Tranche II: Next 500,000 orders per year
       - Tranche III: > 1,000,000 orders per year
   3 Fee multiplier:
       - Tranche A: Executed value 150K€ - 300K€
       - Tranche B: Executed value 300K€ - 450K€
       - Tranche C: Executed value > 450K€
  • Equiduct understands that an additional € 0.47 settlement fee is charged by the relevant settlement agent per ISIN per day, when using an alternate CCP to CC&G. For this reason Equiduct intends to offer a reimbursement at this level to members trading Italian instruments.

  2. Liquidity Provision Charge


Daily Traded Value

Applicable Fee

   Up to €35M

   0.3 bps

   €35M - €65M

   0.25 bps

   €65M - €75M

   0.20 bps

   €75M - €120

   0.15 bps

   Above €120M

   No fee








  • Value traded calculated on a daily basis for all passive executions in PartnerEx during continuous trading.
All Securities
Aggressive Fee 0.28 Bps
Passive Fee 0.12 Bps
  • Fees calculated per trade.
 All Securities
Aggressive Fee (removing liquidity from the order book) 0.20 Bps
Passive (posting liquidity on the order book) 0.20 Bps
  • Any HybridBook order executed during the Opening or the Closing cross will be subject to the PartnerEx fee of the relevant board.
  • PartnerEx and HybridBook fees are applicable to the value of the orders executed.


€0.03 per reported trade, capped at €800/month.

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