Market Notice

Market Notice 006/2021: MARKET VIEWER

21 January 2021

Market Notice 006/2021: MARKET VIEWER

Please be advised that a new version of Market Viewer has been deployed following the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player.


The link is unchanged:


The Login requirement is optional and you can still access the Market Viewer application by typing in the instrument symbol or company name in the box above the logon section.  This will take you to the screen that you all know and recognise. 


You may need to clear cookies/cache or force a page reload, by pressing the reload button on your browser or (using the keys combination Ctrl+F5) if you experience issues with your browsers.


The new version does not yet reproduce all of the functionality of the old Flash application, but is under active development and we will continue to roll out new features in the coming weeks.  So, please clear your cookies and cache regularly to ensure that you are always accessing the latest version (current version 63569). The chart view has now been disabled (with no plans to reinstate), but the books and trades can be viewed as you could previously.


Please contact Market Control if you have any questions.