24 July 2017

Equiduct’s consolidated European order book brings transparency to clients of Bourse Direct, guaranteeing Best Execution

Our priority at Bourse Direct is to make trading ever easier for our customers.

That is why we have now upgraded our factsheets, which will show live prices – supplied by our longstanding business partner Equiduct – including pan-European liquidity at the top 10 price levels and the latest executed trades.

Since 2010, Bourse Direct has been working with Equiduct, the pan-European trading platform, a partnership that has led to more competitive execution costs and better traded prices – as part of a fully transparent Best Execution policy.

Equiduct’s singular business model offers:

  • The best executable price backed by liquidity providers
  • A higher likelihood of execution
  • Proof of best execution
  • Pan-European stock coverage


“Adding the live Equiduct order book will offer our clients a highly transparent solution that guarantees best-possible execution, which is of course our priority goal,” said Catherine Nini, Bourse Direct CEO.

“We are very pleased that Bourse Direct, our long-term partner will now use Equiduct’s consolidated European level two market data within their factsheets. Whilst pan-European liquidity is recognised by our competitors and the wider industry as the benchmark for best execution, it is the foundation of Equiduct’s VBBO price formation which provides order-by-order best execution to clients of Bourse Direct. By including our market data in their fact sheets, Bourse Direct are giving their clients a consolidated real-time view of liquidity displayed on Europe’s major markets, further enhancing the retail investor experience which already includes evidence of best execution on a daily basis.”

,added Artur Fischer, Equiduct CEO.


Bourse Direct, France’s leading online trading platform, offers the lowest rates on the market, with a fee of less than €1 per order. This is combined with technology that enables investors to manage their portfolio wherever they are.

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