Apex is the revolutionary zero fee Best Execution product for retail brokers. Providing pan-European, multilateral executions using liquidity seen across multiple venues.

Apex is Equiduct’s premium Best Execution product for retail order flow. Apex allows retail orders to execute against the pan-European order book and is supported by a pool of Equiduct’s Liquidity Providers and active brokers.


Apex does not rely on the “best efforts” of liquidity providers to offer Best Execution for retail orders; Equiduct guarantees Best Execution by automatically calculating the best possible price (the VBBO) for each order at the instant at which a trade occurs. Apex is fully pre and post-trade transparent, and participating brokers will receive daily execution quality reports which provide evidence of Best Execution for each trade. 


Apex Price Formation

Equiduct calculate the VBBO using a virtual consolidated order book based on price and volume data seen on major European Primary and Secondary lit markets, plus Equiduct’s own Central Limit Order Book. This unique calculation gives Apex members access to Europe wide liquidity using a single exchange connection.


VBBO Calculation

Primary and Secondary markets are only included in the VBBO calculation where they have not placed a restriction on order entry for trading participants. This allows Equiduct trading members to execute orders against all addressable liquidity.


Apex trading is available for the following markets:

  • Paris
  • Amsterdam
  • Milan
  • London
  • Xetra
  • Brussels
  • Lisbon 

Apex Key features include:

  • Zero execution fees for retail brokers.
  • Multilateral Best Execution guaranteed.
  • The highest likelihood of execution.
  • Daily Best Execution reports.
  • Execute orders against the pan-European consolidated order book.
  • Continuous trading with opening and closing sessions.
  • Reduction in post trade clearing costs.