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Fee Structure


Available across Euronext, Germany, UK, and Italy market segments.


1. Order Charge

      • Trades during the Opening and Closing Cross will attract a 25% premium to the below charges to be in line with the Home Market auction fees.
      • Fees (including caps, floors and per order fees) are applied per executed order, per phase, per day.
      • Volume tiers are calculated over a calendar month and apply to executed value within the indicated band.
      • The Order Charge is capped at €1.05M per calendar year for continuous trading only.





Volume Tier (€Bn)

Up to 0.5

Next 0.5

Next 0.5

All Further Trading


Fee (Bps)






Fee per executed order






Fee 0.4 bps
Cap €3


 Fee 0.4 bps 
 Cap €3
 Floor  €0.40


  Fee/Order1 Fee Multiplier2
 Tranches I II III A B C
 Fee (€) 0.48 0.25 0.18 2 3 4

   1 Fee/Order (yearly volume is calculated per calendar year from 1st January):
       - Tranche I: First 500,000 orders per year
       - Tranche II: Next 500,000 orders per year
       - Tranche III: > 1,000,000 orders per year
   2 Fee multiplier:
       - Tranche A: Executed value 150K€ - 300K€
       - Tranche B: Executed value 300K€ - 450K€
       - Tranche C: Executed value > 450K€


 2. Liquidity Provision Charge

      • Value traded calculated on a daily basis for all passive executions in PartnerEx during continuous trading.
 Daily Traded Value  Applicable Fee
 Up to €35M 0.3 bps 
 €35M - €65M  0.25 bps 
 €65M - €75M 0.20 bps 
 €75M - €120  0.15 bps 
 Above €120M  No fee 


Available across Euronext, Germany, UK, Italy, Nordic, Swiss and Spanish market segments.

1. Order Charge

All Securities
 Aggressive Fee 0.28 Bps
 Passive Fee 0.12 Bps

2. Technical internalisation

  • Applied to institutional order flow trading in SpotVBBO only, where trade counterparties are the same member firm or one member is a subsidiary (at least 50% owned) of the other.
  • Qualification for the internalised fee schedule is granted at the time of admission.
  • Annual fees are capped at €100K.
  • A fair usage cap of €500M turnover per day applies. The normal SpotVBBO Order Charge applies to trading above this level.
All Securities
 Aggressive Fee 0.14 Bps
 Passive Fee 0.14 Bps


Available across all market segments.

Fees apply to continuous trading only. Executions in the Opening or Closing cross are subject to the applicable PartnerEx Order Charge.

 All Securities
 Aggressive Fee  0.20 Bps
 Passive  0.20 Bps


€0.03 per reported trade, capped at €800/month.

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